6 East Devon Dog Walking Routes

Dogs are a man (& women’s) best friend, many of us plan our holidays around them and dread the look on their faces when the holiday bags are being packed and they get left behind.

To avoid disappointing your pooch Ladram Bay has put together a dog-walking guide. You’ll be enjoying your holiday while your canine counterpart is lapping up the best smells, swimming opportunities and chasing the odd rabbit.


Devon Dog Walks for 2020

Our latest post helps you plan dog walks around your 4 legged friends key requirements, open spaces, water and other dogs. (more…)

East Devon Circular Walking Routes

To date our route guides have covered cycling routes and dog walking routes. In the following guide we’ve put together a collection of circular walking routes through some picturesque scenery. (more…)

Jurassic Coast Walking Guide

Regular visitors to Ladram Bay will undoubtedly know about the Jurassic Coast and the South West Coastal Path that runs 95 miles through East Devon and Dorset.

Our latest post takes sections of this UNESCO natural World Heritage Site and breaks it down into more manageable family friendly lengths and includes paths well trodden by most of the Ladram Bay team. (more…)

From shore to moor: a guide to Dartmoor

One of the things that makes Devon such a great place to go on holiday is the county’s diverse landscape.

At Ladram Bay we’re big on beaches but if you’re after a change of scenery, there is nothing quite as unique as Dartmoor National Park. (more…)

Coastal Walks in East Devon

Devon has natural beauty and coastlines in abundance, the biggest dilemma when walking is choosing which route to embark upon. The majority of coastal walking in the southwest centres around the South West Coastal Path that stretches 1,013 km from Minehead to Poole. To help you along the way we have pulled together several of our favourite East Devon coastal routes, each with a refuelling point enroute. (more…)