A guide to rock pooling

At Ladram we’re rock pooling aficionados and love to indulge our inner child along the shore of Ladram Bay.

Our latest guide is intended to aid those both young and old to discover some fascinating creatures. (more…)

The Ladram Bay Fishing Guide

There are plenty of seasoned fishermen in the Ladram Bay team so we thought that we would share their local knowledge. Here we’ve put together a guide that any budding angler might need to know before they cast their lines off our famous pebbled beach.


Holiday Cooking Guide: Lemon & Parsley Pollock

In recent years pollock has been touted by the Marine Conversation Society as a sustainable alternative to cod. Sainsbury’s tried a marketing ploy designed to give it some gallic flare through renaming it ‘colin’ – the french word for hake.

At Ladram our anglers know it as pollock and they are often in ready supply off our pebbled beach.


Holiday Cooking Guide: Mackerel

At Ladram we’re big fans of mackerel. It’s sustainable, easily caught, high in omega-3’s, simple to cook and most importantly extremely tasty.

For the anglers staying at Ladram who get lucky, this recipe is for you. (more…)