6 East Devon Dog Walking Routes

Dogs are a man (& women’s) best friend, many of us plan our holidays around them and dread the look on their faces when the holiday bags are being packed and they get left behind.

To avoid disappointing your pooch Ladram Bay has put together a dog-walking guide. You’ll be enjoying your holiday while your canine counterpart is lapping up the best smells, swimming opportunities and chasing the odd rabbit.


Open Darts 17-19th May 2019

The Ladram team are busy making preparations for the 2019 season and spring would not be complete without our annual Open Darts Festival 2019 which will be held from the 17th -19th May.


Mascots Golf Championship 2018

On Wednesday 11th July 2018 Mascots from across Devon participated in the annual Adventure Golf championship. (more…)

Liam Tancock opens Ladram Bay Splash Zone

We welcomed Exeter born three-time Swimming world champion Liam Tancock to Ladram Bay for the opening of our new Splash Zone. (more…)

Devon Dog Walks for 2020

Our latest post helps you plan dog walks around your 4 legged friends key requirements, open spaces, water and other dogs. (more…)

A guide to rock pooling

At Ladram we’re rock pooling aficionados and love to indulge our inner child along the shore of Ladram Bay.

Our latest guide is intended to aid those both young and old to discover some fascinating creatures. (more…)

Ladram Photography Tips

Over the years Ladram Bay has been home to or visited by everything from dolphins, blue lobsters and Red Arrows. This post guides you through techniques you can use for capturing those special holiday moments (when they arise) on anything from an SLR to smart phone. (more…)

Mince pies with custard & crumble

This holiday recipe is a take on traditional Christmas favorite only with an indulgent layer of custard and crumble.


Mascots Golf Championship 2017

On July 5th 2017 Mascots from across Devon participated in the annual Adventure Golf championship. (more…)

Open Darts 11-13th May 2018

The Ladram team are already making preparations for the 2018 season and part of this includes our annual Open Darts Spring Festival 2018 which will be taking place from the 11th -13th May